Your Personal Home Fitness Assistant

MynaTime for Mac OS X


The GPS navigator in your car speaks directions to you—now your Mac can talk you through your workout. MynaTime will:

Say which exercise or pose to do next, the weight, number of repps

  1. Time rest periods and how long to hold a stretch

  2. Tell your target your heart rate

  3. Log details into iCal

  4. Control music volume so you hear instructions clearly

  5. Record video to help improve your form

  6. Export audio to your iPod for use in the gym or on the road

Your Workout. Your Way.

Simply type your workout, any exercises, any notes, any timing, and let MynaTime deliver realtime audio to you as you exercise.

Put a Personal Trainer in Your Mac

Comments from our customers—

“This is super useful to all athletes that use iPods and have repetitive intervals that are hard to remember the details of.” — C.W. Mountain Bike Racer

“MynaTime completely cuts out the need for constantly looking at my watch, as well as rereading my workout sheet over and over.” — B.P.Triathlete

“What a great idea! Finally I can workout the way I want to.” — F.A.Yoga Student

“This just made doing intervals that much easier!  One less excuse not to do them...Darn.” — L.O. Bicycle Road Racer

“I typed in a few of my favorite sequences from my yoga book and even found some on the web to try, this gave me so much variety it re-interested me in yoga.” — C.R. Yoga Student

“The physical therapist gave me a sheet of exercises to do at home to help rehab my knee. I typed them into MynaTime and now I do all my exercises everyday, like I’m supposed to, because it’s so easy just to listen and do. Thanks, my knee feels great.” — R.N. Snow Skier

“I do multiple sets when I lift and letting my iPod speak the weight and time recovery lets me relax and think about my form.” — J.W. Software Engineer

“For the price of a DVD, I can now make as many workouts as I want, and put them in my iPhone for traveling.” — R.E. Marketing Director

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